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snowy mother’s day card | handmade

About four years ago I vowed I would never buy another greetings card – I would always make them instead. This is why I now have a huge tote bag full of magazines, catalogues, and wrapping paper scraps. For my Mother’s Day card, I cut up the Noa Noa catalogue, using simple textures for a simple design.

Mother-and-baby-animals for a Mother’s Day card is far from original, I know, but by using matching scaled-down silhouettes and clean gradients, they become elegant as well as adorable.

I have used snowy animals but of course you could use any, or use patterns, or do more animals or fewer. The best thing about collaging with beautiful clothes catalogues is that someone has already  picked out the tone and colour palette for you.

Everyone scoffs that Mother’s Day was invented to sell cards, but you can neatly sidestep this by not buying any. It isn’t wholly accurate anyway – in Britain, we have ended up with an amalgam of ‘Mother’s Day’ from America, and the far older church festival of ‘Mothering Sunday’. But if, like me, you haven’t got time for the early modern tradition of taking a simnel cake to the church of your hometown, then an Arctic hare leveret cut out of a fashion shoot might have to do.

p.s. if you don’t know what a simnel cake is, pop back at Easter.

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2 thoughts on “snowy mother’s day card | handmade

  1. Haha I did exactly the same thing: cutouts of a white mother duck and three little yellow ducklins. Yours looks far more polished though, I like the idea of a theme linking different animals together. Hope your mum loved it


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