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peter and the wolf record

peter and the wolf record | secondhand

You know, I fall more in love with the cover of this Peter and the Wolf record every time I look at it.

DSCF2155 (2)

It’s not only that the colours are pretty, but the illustrations match the characters to the instruments representing them, as it’s a record intended to introduce children to musical instruments – so cute!  (The B-side is The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, which I adore, mostly thanks to Moonrise Kingdom.)

Although I have to say – while the wolf slinking out from behind the French horns is very effective, I am not sure the artist was really trying when they just balanced the oboe across the duck’s back.

DSCF2152 (2)     DSCF2154 (2)

DSCF2151 (2)     DSCF2150 (2)

The pawing cat is my favourite, but then I have a clarinet and a cat.

From the Mercy in Action charity shop, Bradford-on-Avon.

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2 thoughts on “peter and the wolf record | secondhand

  1. girlinbrogues on said:

    Beautiful illustration! I remember Peter and the Wolf well from my childhood. I’m glad it’s still relevant today!

    Saskia /


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