sea and sieve

brambling and crumbling

I’m happy we found time to go blackberrying this bank holiday weekend. The next month is going to bring lots of changes for me, including a new job and moving out, so before then I wanted to do what I do every year – pick blackberries from the hedgerows, choose pink apples from the back garden at home, and make crumble.

me, blackberrying


apple and blackberry crumble (pre the crumble bit)

(aren’t they amazingly pink!)

hedgerows and autumn clouss

Above you can see the last clouds of the rainstorm that soaked us. It seems summer has rather zipped by, but I can’t deny I’m excited about autumn as it is my favourite season – crisp frosts, homegrown apples, woolly jumpers, the smell of cinnamon and everything turning golden.

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One thought on “brambling and crumbling

  1. That looks like a perfect weekend. I used to go blackberrying with my mum and make crumble with our findings. I really miss living near blackberry bushes that aren’t infested with drunk-people-urine… Oh London… :S

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog


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