sea and sieve

no. 16

no. 16

I have just moved out of my childhood bedroom into a lovely little house! It is Victorian, which I am delighted about, even if it does mean wonky floors and creaky stairs (and the occasional visiting slug…). My crude researches suggest that it was probably built between 1850 and 1876, for the families of the men working on the new railway line down the road. Thrilling to know a bit of the history of the building you live in – and it’s certainly a social step up from the Tudor brothel I lived in last year!

Decorating a rented period house will, I think, lend itself to the secondhand aesthetic/ethos that I like to blog about, so I am looking forward to sharing more about making No. 16 into a home.

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2 thoughts on “no. 16

  1. Oh my goodness how exciting! The door is a lovely colour 🙂


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