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the bakelite museum

This post has been gathering dust for a little while but then, so has its subject. When we visited Exmoor in May, we made a beeline for The Bakelite Museum as soon as we saw the sign. I’m not usually one for kitsch plastics but in profusion they are irresistible – and the Museum is full to its rickety brim.


DSCF1801  DSCF1806

DSCF1814  DSCF1819

Bakelite was one of the first plastics, developed in 1907. It has fallen out of use now of course, but under the dust the bright pastels and aspirational marbling are insistently optimistic. I think you can tell that the designers were excited by the material! And so even the hoovers are lovely in their way.



DSCF1816  DSCF1815

DSCF1813 (2)

These pictures are mixing together things from different eras and fashions (I’ll confess – a combination of page design and poor photograph labelling). But it’s amazing to see the sprawl of different ways it has been used. That’s the point of plastic, I suppose; after all the word comes from the Greek for to mould. It turns out Bakelite can be sleek and Art Deco, or kitsch and garish – solemn and practical or exuberantly ornamental – even beautiful.

DSCF1805  DSCF1804

DSCF1802  DSCF1800


p.s. I was very close to smuggling out the geometric copper-coloured kettle.

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One thought on “the bakelite museum

  1. I too love the copper kettle, I like Bakelite, so really enjoyed your visit 🙂


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