sea and sieve

pattern tree cards

three cards

Just a fleeting post with a last-minute Christmas card idea – which can be made with spare wrapping paper or any patterned paper. It’s easy enough that you can make them while under a duvet, which is what I did.


(That’s why I’m not really a craft blogger.) The card is fairly self-explanatory:

But I think it looks quite simple and stylish.

four cards merry christmas


love from sea and sieve x

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2 thoughts on “pattern tree cards

  1. Emma Deerful on said:

    Oh god Hannah I love this it’s amazing. I wish I’d seen this before Christmas. Stealing your idea for next year.

    (I also wish I’d actually managed to see you back in Berkshire but NEXT TIME). x

    • OH BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER I kept meaning to contact you but I’m not sure where the time went somehow!! Oops, I’m sorry! Next time you’re back or I’m in London, definitely definitely x


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