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‘in light and space’ | kettle’s yard, cambridge

Last weekend my sister and I went to see First Aid Kit (who were of course gorgeous) in Cambridge, and spent the day beforehand being tourists, visiting colleges and eating famous Chelsea buns. But I actually want to take you out of the centre of town and down a side path to Kettle’s Yard.

Pull the doorbell outside an unpromising little door, and you are ushered into a few small rooms which remind you of the seaside in a faded driftwoody way. But then the house unfolds as you move through it, and turns out to be several times the size you thought it was – and filled with art and beautiful objects, top to toe.

Kettle’s Yard (which was converted from four old cottages, and then extended) was created in the fifties by Jim Ede, a former curator at the Tate, and his wife Helen. Together they made a house where art and people could live together, rather than being positioned opposite and distant from one another. Modern art is a few centuries off being my comfort zone, so I’ll leave you with the words of the curator himself and my (unhappily phone-quality) pictures.

“Kettle’s Yard is in no way meant to be an art gallery or museum, nor is it simply a collection of works of art reflecting my taste or the taste of a given period. It is, rather, a continuing way of life from these last fifty years, in which stray objects, stones, glass, pictures, sculpture, in light and in space, have been used to make manifest the underlying stability which more and more we need to recognise if we are not to be swamped by all that is so rapidly opening up before us.” – Jim Ede

piano at kettle's yard

tapestry detail from kettle's yard

'cat' by henri gaudier-brzeska, from kettle's yard

(This was our favourite picture, ‘Cat’ by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska. Doubtless this is a gauche and obvious choice, but look at those paws!)

ground floor of kettle's yard

window in kettle's yard

my sister appreciates art

p.s. You could sail over and see a couple more snaps of our Cambridge adventures on my Instagram – had a lovely time despite being an Oxford girl through and through!

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