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the temple folly | november in wensleydale

Quite a while ago I promised to share this year’s November holiday. You know the expression ‘an ivory tower’? Well that’s basically where we stayed – in high, round rooms tucked up away from the world.

temple folly from the field next door

you can just about see the tower from aysgarth falls - the pale smudge up on the hill

you can just about see the tower from aysgarth falls – the pale smudge up near the top of the hill where the river points

This is the Temple Folly in Yorkshire, near Wensleydale. It is an octagonal belvedere, built in 1792. The genteel ladies used to watch the men ride across the valley from its balcony. We watched the mists, and the pheasants pecking among the trees.

view across the dale to bolton castle

mists in the dale

view from the balcony

I’m not sure what it is about being in a tower that is so pleasing. Perhaps it is the way you feel completely surrounded – outside every window and wall are trees and birds and sky. Or perhaps it is because you feel snug and unreachable, hidden from the world, able to defend yourself against it. It is probably both at once (plus Georgian plasterwork, a view of a castle and a log-burning stove).

temple folly from the field

Of course we visited a few less-habitable, more historically-important towers, attached to castles and abbeys. But maybe I’ll talk about those in another post, lest we all get fatigued with the moody photography that the November light produced.

me photographing the door


p.s. It wasn’t all brooding mists and delicate sunsets – we also paid a visit to the home of the best cheese in the world.

I do like a bit of Wensleydale.

I do like a bit of Wensleydale

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4 thoughts on “the temple folly | november in wensleydale

  1. bungalowlilandi on said:

    Wensleydale is a gorgeous place. So glad you enjoyed it.

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