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blue and gold ceilings | paris

A few weeks ago, before work deadlines started supernova-ing, I popped over to Paris for a weekend. It wasn’t as glamorous and fashion-bloggy as that sounds, but we did go to the most gorgeous church. Sainte-Chapelle is just around a few corners from Notre Dame, on Île de la Cité, and I think it’s rather more beautiful. It’s a church after my own heart – vast windows divided up by heraldic patterning and lashings of gold paint.

ceiling of lower chapel of sainte-chapelle

pillar detail of lower chapel at sainte-chapelle

ceiling of lower chapel of sainte-chapelle

You enter into the lower chapel, pictured above (I realise that means this post is upside-down). The ceiling is criss-crossed with gold vaulting and speckled with fleurs-de-lis. It is a miniaturized preview of what is to come up the narrow stairs.

ceiling of sainte-chapelle


ceiling of sainte-chapelle

The light pours in through the soaring elongated windows, made iridescent by rare 13th century stained glass. Sainte-Chapelle seems to be made up of light and colour and pattern, not walls.

wall detail at sainte-chapelle

statue at sainte-chapelle

tiled floor at sainte-chapelle

wall detail at sainte-chapelle sainte-chapelle

It is jewel-like, stunning.

And because this wouldn’t be a blog post about Paris without some boasting, here are some photos of our adventures:

Au revoir!

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