sea and sieve

damsons and tweed

Autumn is in full blustery swing now, and at last it is chilly enough for me to bring you the outfit post you didn’t know you’d been waiting for.

The other weekend we visited a local pick-your-own orchard with damson gin in our sights. I love damson gin and I’d drink it all day if it didn’t make you three sheets to the wind rather quickly.

picking damsons

damsons 4

damsons 2

damson orchard

Damson-picking gave me the chance to finally wear my high-waisted tweed trousers. These have been languishing in a cupboard, resenting the hot summer, ever since I bought them in a charity shop in Glastonbury last July. They were on the £1 last-chance rail for some incomprehensible reason – clearly unappreciated by the residents of Glastonbury, and indeed the lady who sold them to me referred to them as both ‘horrible’ and ‘curtains’. I hope you will agree that this was terrifically unfair to them.

me in the damson orchard

ladybird and tweet trousers

I’m doing my best land girl homage – note the headscarf. A passing ladybird was kind enough to grace my close-up shot of the pattern.

The damsons are now packed into a Kilner jar with gin and sugar, where they will sit quietly until Christmas, when the liqueur will be silky-sweet and almondy and delicious. The trousers, on the other hand, will be having many more outings – though perhaps they aren’t the perfect thing to wear in the rain that is now pouring outside my window. I do admit that autumn isn’t all bare ankles and long shadows in quiet golden orchards. But at least now I’ve gathered some of that sun, and can pour it into cocktails in the depths of winter.

damsons 3


p.s. the gorgeous pick-your-own orchard was at Q Gardens Farm Shop near Oxford, where they were very lovely and let us go picking even though it was super late in the season. 

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