sea and sieve

about sea and sieve

hello! my name is Hannah. I work in publishing and I live in Oxford.

I love visiting historical houses and castles – there is always something amazing to see, whether it be gorgeous view or tiny corner. I usually bring my mum’s old Pentax film camera along and I always get over-excited about anything to do with Elizabeth I.

I spend the rest of my time in charity shops hunting out vintage clothes, records and books. There’s nothing like finding a treasure among the dust.

So this is a blog about things which are secondhand – books, churches, castles, clothes, museums, castles – and why I love them. (The occasional handmade thing might slip in as well.)

It’s really lovely to meet you.

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p.s. I write about things in a very unhelpful way, in an attempt not to be dull – if you ever want more details on anything then just ask!

[images not to be reproduced without my permission]


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